♚ volume-10

Scheduled for release : Jun 8, 2023
Size : 12x18 cm
Pages : 240
Price : 8,95€
ISBN : 978-2-492972-13-3

The qualifications for the Monaco Chess Grand Prix will soon give their verdict, the games follow each other and our heroes are not spared by surprises. The third round is the last step before the MCGP and is on everyone's mind. There will clearly not be room for everyone! The pressure is rising around the last games that must take place on the board.
Tom and Harmony go to Kyoto, while Laurent goes to France. Our two friends face their new opponents, among which the little prodigy Shinta, trained by Kaoru, and the two junior champions Izumi Atô and Kaï Hiragi. The third round of the qualifications starts, the rhythm of the games is escalating. Will our heroes manage to qualify and fly to Monaco?