♚ Volume 06

Released : February 25, 2022
Size : 12x18 cm
Pages :
Price : 7,95€
ISBN : 978-2-492972-04-1

After the East Japan draft tournament long battle, the ISS goes to Kyoto, where the national tournament of the best junior high school of the country is held.

As soon as they arrive, they come face to face with their sworn enemy, Toto College. Kô, as perverse as ever, offers Tom a challenge that could lead him to give up chess altogether. Confident of his progress, following the training camp and their victory in the draft tournament, Tom accepts the challenge.In preparation for the Monaco Chess Grand Prix, Garry Kasparov travels also to Kyoto to observe the young champions and learn more about the world of chess in Japan, while Sissa sets up his strategy around Riko.As the competition intensifies, the tension increases around our heroes.