♚ Volume 01

Released : February 14, 2020
in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada
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Only the French version is available. Multilingual release is yet to be determined.

Size : 12x18 cm
Pages : 224
Price : 7,95€
ISBN : 978-2-9570036-0-0


Tom, a young high school student, has a crush on the beautiful Harmony. Once he gets to know that she is passionate about chess, he decides to enroll in the college club. But he doesn’t know the rules! He has no choice: he must learn everything and practice seriously. Rapidly, he discovers the existence of Garry Kasparov, the greatest player in the history of chess.

During his research Tom bumps into a virtual reality machine that will allow him to analyze the most legendary games of the master! Then, an unexpected event will open the doors of the very high level of chess to Tom, and this, in spite of him…